Go with the Flow

Like most people, I've been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety lately. One of my favorite ways to take care of myself is to be creative. So, last weekend, I was in my studio and wanted to do something that was easy and fun to help me play in a kind of meditative art space. Intuitively, I grabbed the alcohol inks. 

The set up for this project is fairly inexpensive - you can get a 3-pack of alcohol inks at Michaels or any other art store - while you're there, grab a package of Yupo paper and some alcohol blending medium and you'll be good to go. Now, for the gold foil - you might need to get that online - my Michaels doesn't carry it and I didn't have the patience to check out the other local art stores so I ordered from Amazon for $5, I think. 

In the videos below, you'll see the basic technique - in fact, you'll see me fail in the first video. I was trying to sort out the timing and figure out how the medium worked. It was a little frustrating but it didn't take me too long to get the hang of it. I just kept breathing and kept trying - and told myself that "it's just art - it's just paper!" The thing with alcohol ink (and life!) is that it's a lot more fun when you don't put a lot of pressure on yourself to produce something perfect or even pretty...you have to allow yourself to experiment and have fun and possibly fail a few times before you get to something you like. Don't give up until you get the results you want. Go with the flow!