Loving Vincent

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I began working with Master artists on my own awhile back. A few years ago it was Klimt, Miro, Matisse, Kandinsky and others. Recently I began doing some figurative work by studying (and copying) Modigliani. And then, after watching the movie Loving Vincent, I felt drawn to work with Van Gogh's techniques, subject matter and use of color. 

While researching Van Gogh, I came across a course by Colorado artist, Jeanne Oliver, that focuses on a half dozen Master Artists in a 6 to 9 week online class. For the class, Oliver brought together a handful of current art teachers to present their favorite Master Artist for each week of the class. The weekly lesson is presented in a series of videos that looks at the Master artist’s life and body of work, combined with a few projects to practice the style and techniques of that artist. 

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When I saw that one of the Master Artists Jeanne features is Van Gogh I dove right in. I already had several books about him as I’ve loved his work for a long time. A couple of years ago the Cincinnati Art Museum featured a lot of Vincent’s works and some of his letters to his brother Theo...at that time, I bought the book Van Gogh’s Letters edited by H. Anna Suh but never really read the whole book through. 

I really enjoyed Jeanne's class because it appeals to my inner nerdy student. I realize, now, that I have always looked to many Master Artists to further my own daily creative practice. The course was really helpful and enabled me to go a bit deeper with my own study of Van Gogh. 

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If you would like to come along, then just stay tuned to my blog as I plan to post a few times a month. I’ll share my resources, ideas and inspirations from my studies with you.