How to Begin a Daily Creative Practice

Begin your daily creative practice

Why have a daily creative practice? Because it helps you to destress and it can improve your skills. It's as simple as that. If you want to grow your art skills you must put in the time. Creating space in your life to do art everyday will payoff big in the long run. Establishing a new daily habit is often easier said than done so here's a few tips to get you started. 

Establish a Container

Gather your supplies - It's easy to begin with very few supplies - I recommend starting with a blank art journal that's small enough to fit into your purse or a work bag, a pencil, pen, small set of water-soluable crayons or water colors, a few markers, a couple bottles of craft paint, a glue stick, scissors, and your favorite magazine.

Make a space - As Virginia Woolf observed we all need a room of one's own so whether it's the coffee table in front of your tv or your own private art studio or anything in between you must set up your supplies so that you have access to them everyday. 

Make a Commitment

Once you decide to create your daily practice, you will probably benefit by making a commitment. This can be as simple as getting a fresh sketch book or art journal and writing out your commitment on the first page. Note when will you start and what you are committing to. Consider tacking your art practice onto an existing habit. Perhaps the best time for your daily creative practice would be during your morning coffee, or the last 15 minutes of your lunch break, or maybe it's the hour before you go to bed?

Once you have a plan, write it down in your art journal, date it, and sign it. Now it's have a daily practice planned.

Create a Practice 

Now that you have decided on a place and a time in which to practice arting - what are you going to do? Draw, sketch, collage, write, paint, etc? Take some time to brainstorm and make a list of prompts to sustain momentum - so that each time you go to your sketch book (or easel) you can pull a prompt and begin to practice rather than to stare at a blank page with no ideas about what to do. 

Sign up for a Challenge

If you benefit from being accountable you might consider joining a challenge. There are so many art challenges online. You could even create your own and invite your arty friends to join you. Post your challenge results on your Facebook page or in a secret group or even on Instagram. Or join one of my daily art practice challenges. I'll be posting them as part of a new blog series that's coming next week. 

A daily creative practice seems like such a little thing but it can lead to some really big changes in your art. I hope you'll join me in my upcoming daily creative challenge - meditative drawing. Details to be announced next week!


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