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The Ultimate Stress-Free Art Class

A stress-free class in which I guide you, step-by-step, through creating your very own pour painting. You are encouraged to explore your creativity and indulge your inner artist. I provide all of the art supplies required for the class. You will learn a little about color mixing and basic art theory… all while having fun!

You will create two paintings that are uniquely yours, and I guarantee that you will be amazed at the artwork you will create! 

This class lasts approximately 2 hours, and there are FREQUENT sip breaks.


What if I've never painted before? Is this an advanced class?

This class is perfect for beginners. I will guide you, step by step in creating your masterpiece. In this class, you’ll learn the technique of fluid painting and create your own original art to take home.

Unlike more traditional painting techniques, there’s no brush involved in fluid painting. Instead, you thin the paint, layer each color in a cup, dump it onto the canvas, and then tilt the canvas slowly to coat. The combination of pouring medium and silicone creates interesting bubbles and swirls of color on the canvas.

PLEASE NOTE: These paintings have a longer drying time than traditional acrylic paintings. Because of this, you may opt to pick up your painting at a later date. I can offer several local pickups a few days after the event. If you can’t make any of the pickups, you can arrange to have your painting shipped for an additional small charge. If you prefer to take your painting with you - you'll need a flat surface in your car for transport and should understand that the painting can move and shift within a few hours after pouring.





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The result is a somewhat unpredictable and totally unique painting

Upon arrival, grab a beer or glass of wine and pick your seat. 

Before you start painting, you’ll be able to choose your assortment of colors and get settled in your painting area. All materials are included in the price, and I will walk you through each step of the process.

Expect to spend about 90 minutes on your painting from start to finish. After selecting your colors, you’ll need to spend some time thinning each color to achieve the right consistency. Then, you’ll layer each color in a paper cup until it’s full, dump the paint onto the canvas, and repeat until you’ve mostly covered the canvas. The final step is to pick up the canvas and gently tilt it to coat all of the edges.

While the process may sound complex, it’s surprisingly simple. You’ll be gazing at your completed creation in no time.

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