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Be your own muse - why investing in a portrait photo shoot is a kind of self-care...

I believe that having your portraits made with an experienced photographer can be an incredibly transformative experience. It’s a wonderful way for us to be able see ourselves and our beauty the way other people see us. Sometimes it’s hard to look in the mirror day after day and uphold that confidence. But having someone who sees you as nothing but beautiful and is able to photograph you in a way that is able to show you that beauty, is an amazing thing to experience.



Explore the many facets of your personality through portraiture

It's ideal to have one formal outfit but I have found that when you wear clothes that make you feel comfortable your true personality will shine through. Bring one change of clothes (top/blouse) and plenty of accessories to try. 

Practice different looks - spend a few minutes with your mirror and try different expressions. Do you love your smile or do you prefer a more serious look? We will spend some time exploring your angles - don't be afraid to get your model on! 


Professional Headshots

Your image has value.  Presenting yourself well and making a great first impression is key today and with social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook being popular ways people network and connect, having a great photo of yourself is critical. I want to create an image for you that represents you and your company or brand well.  


**ONLY $50.00**

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What will you Get?

All photos will be available for you to download from Google drive within 24 - 48 hours after your photoshoot.

  • A contact sheet of your best 9 - 12 shots

  • Your top 4 photos, retouched and ready for printing or posting individually or in a composite of four shots (like the composites on this page)

  • High res, jpg format - perfect for printing or posting

  • Includes signed permission to print, so you will be able to print your photos yourself or at any store you would like.


**ONLY $50.00**

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