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Creating photo art for your home and office has never been easier!

Explore the secret world of flowers with your iPhone and a cheap macro lens. I'll show you all the tips and tricks to create your own beautiful, Georgia O'Keeffe inspired iphoneography!



Project 1 - Tips & Tricks for your native iPhone Camera App

You'll learn how to use the iPhone's native camera app as well as explore other camera apps and storage options. And we will explore the basics of composition and lighting for iphoneography. 



Project 2 - Using an ocilla clip macro lens and photographing flowers

You'll learn how to use an ocilla clip macro lens to photograph flowers and other botanicals. You'll play with filters and learn how to upload and print your photographs so that they are ready for framing. 

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* * * ONLY $35.00 * * *




Who Is This Class For?

Beginners will love this class because I'll show you how, step by step, to make beautiful photos with your iphone. The only "equipment" you need for this class is an iphone! However, if you have another phone brand and want to take this class, you will also learn composition and lighting basics to improve your photography. 

What Will You Learn In This Class?

  • how to use the iphone native camera app and, as a bonus, we'll look at a couple other camera and photo storage apps
  • basic composition and lighting for iphoneography
  • how to use an ocilla clip macro lens


* * * ONLY $35.00 * * *