To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage.
— Georgia O'Keeffe

In Studio Classes


Abstract art defies rules and conventions so it is up to you to break rules, be expressive, and decide what is art - just the thing for breaking free from a creative rut! Painting an abstract landscape can be quite meditative and liberating for the painter. Come learn a little about modern abstract expressionism and create your own masterpiece!

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A stress-free class in which I guide you, step-by-step, through creating your very own pour painting. You are encouraged to explore your creativity and indulge your inner artist. I provide all of the art supplies required for the class. You will learn a little about color mixing and basic art theory… all while having fun!


This class is a modern take on the centuries old practice of block printing. You will learn how to create two kinds of stamps using rubber carving blocks and simple adhesive foam sheets - then we will use our new stamps to create a series of greeting cards for family and friends. 

Retreats & Workshops

These retreats and workshops are open to groups of three to eight attendees. 

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Creativity for Self-Care Retreat

Reclaiming and nourishing creative joy gives your life more shine and it puts you in touch with your why – your reason for being, and it does it through lived experience rather than a complicated plan. It infuses the repetitive stuff of life with a rosy glow that isn’t just positive thinking but rather the knowing that this is your life and you are making it matter. This one day retreat teaches you how to create your own daily creative practice. 

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Final Fridays Arty Party

Did you know? On the last Friday of each month I have open studio hours...come over and be creative with me! You can explore different media like encaustic, illustrative or abstract painting techniques, collage mixed media, and crafting. There's only room for 6 so be sure to book your seat today! 


Vision Board Oracle/Affirmation Cards Workshop

This stand alone class is part of my self-care through creativity retreat. I'll show you how to tap into your own secret language of symbols and iconography to create a deeply personal oracle. For beginners or experienced artists, this is a mixed media class you don't want to miss.

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