Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver

Meet Kim

I've been creative all my life. I have always loved to draw and paint and make things. I learned photography at an early age - my Dad was a professional photographer so I had access to a lot of high-end analog and digital cameras. When I was in college I took way too many art classes for an English major and I spent a decade working in the newspaper business as a paste-up artist, which led me to begin working in graphic design over 25 years ago. Professionally, I've been a graphic designer,  marketer and events manager for almost 20 years.

After so much time spent being digitally creative I finally began working in mixed media again and started art journaling. I am a mixed media artist, photographer and a creativity coach. I have created workshops and retreats (both in studio and online) as a support to your creative journey. My passion is hosting retreats to help others access their creative potential so that they can more easily ease day to day stress and anxiety and infuse their daily routine with inspiration, harmony and joy. 


What I'm working on In the Studio...

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